Warm congratulations to Shanghai Zhichu for being invited to the successful conclusion of the China International Scientific Instrument Exhibition

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From March 27th to 29th, 2019, the 17th China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition ended successfully in Beijing National Convention Center. Shanghai Zhichu was invited to participate in the core product of the beautiful color "Zhichu Huang"-shaking shaker products at the exhibition.

Beijing National Convention Center

Little friends from Chu explained the shaker in-depth

International friends show strong interest in Zhichu shaker

Shanghai Zhichu made a grand appearance with advanced technology and equipment, mainly to broaden its horizons, open up ideas, exchange and cooperation, and conduct exchanges and negotiations with customers, dealers and exhibitors who came to visit. Gorgeous booth design and high-quality technical products made exhibitors sincerely admire the knowing shaker.

Zhichu Qian always talks with customers

Group photo of President Chu and President Chen

The exhibition scene was hot and the crowd was endless

Hearty dinner

Shanghai Zhichu strongly advocates the craftsman spirit, strictly grasps the production quality, perfects the after-sales service, and always makes the customers assured good products. The road is rugged, cannot stop Zhi Chu's progress and difficulties, and cannot help Zhi Chu's united heart. The glory of the past need not be too nostalgic, the landscape of the future is the distant place we dream of.

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