2019 Shanghai Zhichu Dealer After-Sales Training Seminar ends successfully

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In today's fierce market competition, with the increase of consumer awareness and the change of consumer concepts, when buying products, not only pay attention to the product itself, but also pay more attention to the product's after-sales service. From June 14th to 16th, 2019, the annual after-sale training meeting for newly-built dealers was held in Zhichu, Shanghai. Nearly 30 people from more than 20 newly joined dealers participated in the training.

(Visit the production workshop and shaker product introduction)

The theme of this training conference is "Communication, Common Strategy and Win-Win", which laid a solid foundation for the development of Zhichu shaker. Although good products are important, perfect after-sales service is also indispensable. Strict attention to production quality and perfect after-sales service have always been Shanghai Zhichu's business philosophy for the past ten years.

(Installation and commissioning, operation methods and disassembly instructions)

(Independent operation by dealer after-sales personnel)

With the support of our customers and partners, Shanghai Zhichu's product shaker incubators are located in many universities, research institutes and well-known enterprises across the country, and we have established a comprehensive product agent distribution and after-sales service network throughout the country. More than a decade of market inspections have been unanimously affirmed by users!

(Maintenance after-sales training and on-site maintenance examinations)

(During the break, learn how to play)

(Outstanding trainers and group manager of Zhichu Production Department)

Zhi Chu knows that if you want to develop steadily in the long run, you must win customer support. Maintaining customer loyalty and improving customer satisfaction are the goals we have always pursued, and perfect after-sales service is one of our powerful secret weapons.

(Issue a training graduation certificate)

(Photos of all dealer trainers for a photo)

We believe that through this meeting, we will know that the after-sales service will be further strengthened. Listen to the voice of customers, solve their problems, serve the scientific research users wholeheartedly, and contribute to the solid strength of our know-how for scientific research!

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