2020 Zhichu Production Department Mid-year Summary Meeting

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2020 Zhichu Production Department Mid-year Summary Meeting


On July 25, 2020, Shanghai Zhichu Instrument Co., Ltd. held the "2020 Mid-year Summary Meeting of the Production Department". Participants: President Qian, Manager Qian, all staff in the production and office department. The meeting summarized the work progress of the production department in the first half of the year and determined the direction of work in the second half of the year.

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During the epidemic, to protect the interests of employees, in addition to the normal salary payment, we also have one salary increase. In the case that sales and profits have not increased temporarily, the company still fulfilled its promise to raise wages in April, increasing salaries for all employees of the company for more than one year.


The epidemic is ruthless, but Zhichu is loving. We all know the survival dilemma faced by enterprises at this stage, so we feel that what Zhichu has done is so touching. A word of gratitude may not be able to express the full of affection in the heart, but it is our most sincere words.

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In the first half of 2020, Zhichu has been working hard to improve its management system. We formally use ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) system management to effectively carry out enterprise information management planning and landing delivery, and solve financial management, warehouse management, production management and other problems.


The production process is gradually clarified, products can meet user needs in R&D and production, and continuously strengthen quality.

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The development of after-sales service, both in terms of efficiency and problem-solving ability, has been substantially improved compared to earlier, and the after-sales service has been recognized by many users.


Since the resumption of work, with the cooperation of various departments, the production department has completed the production tasks with quality and quantity. The company affirmed the existing achievements, and also put forward reasonable suggestions for the deficiencies in the production and office department in the first half of the year.


President Qian pointed out that product competitiveness is the core strength of an enterprise. Only by continuously improving product development and quality can it be recognized by users. It is the responsibility of Zhichu to improve the salary of employees and match the core talents with the corresponding salary. Zhichu shaking incubator wants to enter the world stage, we still need to work together and have a long way to go.

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After ten years of development, Zhichu has built a highly cohesive and market-competitive work team. The road ahead may be steep, but it also fears our courage to move forward. In the second half of 2020, we will support each other and work hard to realize the dream in our hearts!

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