3 tips of choosing lighting shaking incubator

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3 key points of choosing a lighting incubator


The light incubator has the function of over-temperature and sensor abnormal protection to ensure the safety of the instrument and the sample; the selection of a full-spectrum plant growth lamp is conducive to the growth of plants and improves disease resistance. It has the functions of power-off memory and power-off time automatic compensation; constant temperature control system, quick response and high temperature control accuracy.


The main core parameters of choosing a light incubator are: ①Temperature control range; ②Humidity control range; ③Light intensity


①Temperature control range: Since the light incubator will have a light function, it will of course be divided into two sections when looking at the temperature. If the manufacturer directly reports a temperature range to you, then we must choose carefully, generally When the light is turned on, the temperature range will be narrower than that when the light is not turned on, for the simple reason that the temperature will be higher when the light is turned on. A common situation is that the temperature range with light is 10~50℃, and the temperature range without light is 4~50℃.


②Humidity control range: Humidity is the biggest difference between a light incubator and an artificial climate box. The light incubator does not have humidity control, and generally only controls temperature and light, while the artificial climate box has a humidity control function. So we only need to ask ourselves whether there is a requirement for humidity control, and then we can determine whether to buy a light incubator or an artificial climate box. According to the experimental samples, the common humidity range is 50-90%RH.


③Light intensity: The light intensity will vary according to the lighting method and the number of tubes. In simple terms, the maximum range is 0-30000LX, and there are some smaller ranges. When we buy, we mainly follow our own requirements.

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Illumination mode of light incubator


Illumination incubator currently has three illumination methods:


The first type of partition type lighting, that is, the illuminator is located on the partition, and each partition with light can receive the light evenly.


The second type of light, that is, with light function on each door.


The third type is top lighting, which is to put a lighting function on the top of the cabinet, but this lighting method is not recommended. The reason is very simple. Since objects are placed on each partition, the objects on the bottom layer cannot be uniformly exposed to light.


When purchasing a light incubator, first ask yourself what kind of light method you need, and then what kind of light method the manufacturer's light incubator uses.


The size of the light incubator


When choosing the size of a light incubator, two aspects usually need to be considered:


One is the location of the laboratory. In this regard, we need to consider the relationship between the size of the light incubator and the size of the laboratory, whether the box can enter the laboratory and whether it can be placed in the laboratory.


The second is how much space is needed for the experimental samples. In this regard, what needs to be considered is the volume of the tank inside the box.


Illumination incubator continuous operation time purchase


The continuous running time is often ignored. In fact, there is still a key step, which is to consider the time required for the experiment.


Simulated environment of light incubator


When we cultivate plants, we must simulate two environments, day and night, which means that in this continuous experiment, we will set the daytime temperature, humidity, and light. After a period of time, we will simulate the night time. Temperature, humidity, and light. If you need to simulate more than two types of temperature, humidity, and light, you must choose an incubator with the program segment function. This article must be considered in detail.

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Optional accessories for light incubator


①RS485 interface, U disk data storage: used for data storage and export.


②Independent temperature-limiting controller: to achieve double protection of the equipment, based on the original fault alarm, plus automatic power-off over temperature, to better protect the sample from damage.


③CO2 air inlet: used to promote plant production.


④CO2 controller: used to control the amount of CO2.

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