4 tips to choose a suitable shaking incubator

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The shaking incubator is a commonly used culture mixing instrument in laboratories. How do we choose the one that suits us?


  1.  We need to know the temperature we usually use, and choose according to the different temperature ranges. The market is generally divided into refrigeration type and heating type. If the cultivation temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, then we should choose refrigeration type.

  2. Know the speed you need before you buy, and choose according to the speed you need. Generally speaking, the speed on the market is around 40~300rpm.

  3. Choose according to the container you need to place. If you need a bottle, choose the size of the shaking incubator according to the capacity of the bottle. If you need to put test tubes, you usually need a test tube rack or spring plate

  4. The temperature control method should be equipped with a microcomputer temperature controller, which has the characteristics of accurate temperature control, small temperature fluctuations, and can correct temperature errors. At the same time, it has over-temperature alarm and power-off functions, which can timely and effectively perform experiments. 

stacked shaking incubator

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