Concentrate on one's heart and strength, and start the journey again —Zhichu & Bolv's 2020 sales conference ended successfully

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From December 31, 2020 to January 3, 2021, Zhichu & Bolv held the 2020 annual sales meeting at Shanghai Putian Meibo Hotel. Participants: Mr. Qian Dong, Mr. Chen, Mr. Ding, and all sales and some administrative personnel.


In this meeting, to help everyone understand the product better, we deliberately transported the shaking incubator and fermentation tank to the venue for practical exercises. Only by continuous learning and striving to improve their professional level can we provide users with better products and services.



When it comes to sales mission planning in 2021, all of them are active, daring to break through themselves, and brave to meet challenges. With such a vigorous team, no amount of difficulties and obstacles can hinder our progress.



The company not only issued honorary certificates to the teams with outstanding comprehensive performance throughout the year, but also gave cash awards. At the same time, for outstanding individuals who work hard, and create value for the company's development, we specially rewarded a Huawei P40 mobile phone. Zhichu & Bolv thanks every employee for their hard work, and every contribution will be remembered.



After the meeting, we also arranged a half-day tour of Shanghai Wild Animal Park.


The development of Zhichu&Bolv today is inseparable from the help and support of many partners, users and various people in society. We will require ourselves with stricter standards, continue to develop new products, improve after-sales service, and improve product quality.


On the way forward, we will not be knocked down by difficulties. Don't give up due to pressure, and don't slack off due to performance. Going forward is a bright and clear sky, rushing forward, creating another brilliant achievement. In 2021, I hope we will work together towards a better tomorrow! ! !


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