what does a shaking incubator do for bacteria

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1. Ensure that the nutrients and gas in the liquid medium are even, and the bacteria can grow better.

2. Make the bacteria evenly distributed, and at the same time, ensure the contact between the entire bacteria and the liquid medium to ensure sufficient absorption efficiency.

 Zhichu shaking incubator

Q:“Do I need to invert when cultivating microorganisms in the shaking incubator?”


A:  It depends on the culture method. If it is a solid plate culture (Petri dish culture), it needs to be inverted.

     When the laboratory cultivates microorganisms in an incubator, the general temperature is 35℃-37℃. This is     

     the  most commonly used cultivation temperature and is suitable for routine cultivation of most common   

     microorganisms. If it is cultured in a petri dish with solid medium, the petri dish needs to be inverted. There 

     are mainly the following reasons.


  1. Slow down the evaporation of water in the culture medium.

  2. Prevent condensate drips from affecting microbial growth

  3. It can control the spread of colonies and is conducive to the formation of single colonies.

  4. The petri dish has a large lid and a small bottom. If it is placed on the front side, it is easy to only get the lid when taking it, which will expose the petri dish, which may cause contamination or fall of the petri dish. Therefore, it is easier to take and place the plate upside down than upright. If you use other methods to cultivate at a constant temperature, you don't need to invert it.

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