Application fields of CO2 shaking incubator

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Affected by the general economic trend, in the current laboratory instruments in the vaccine antibody biopharmaceutical industry, biological science laboratory and other industries, compared with other instruments, the application frequency of CO2 shaking incubator and thermo shaking incubator series is relatively concentrated.


CO2 shaking incubators are mainly used to cultivate animal or plant body cells. Zhichu shaking incubator series are all-round shaking incubators independently developed by Shanghai Zhichu Instrument Co., Ltd, combining market demand and the trend of laboratory intelligence. This series of products are integrated based on Zhichu's more than 10 years of experience in shaker incubator manufacturing, and in accordance with the special requirements of biological cell culture. Zhichu CO2 shaking incubator is suitable for the cultivation of various animal and plant cells, including CHO cells, tumor cells, mammalian animal cells, insect-like somatic cells, etc.,

 Zhichu CO2 shaking incubator

Zhichu's CO2 shaking incubator adopts rolling bearing design, which has the characteristics of stable operation and low noise. It can be stacked two or three layers high, saving the laboratory space. Moreover, a large number of optional programs are provided for customers to meet the complex training requirements, such as remote intelligence and environmental humidity control. Customers can design machine equipment parameters through the equipped remote control module, view CO2 concentration, historical records and other actual operations. This function can understand the cell culture status anytime and anywhere.


Shanghai Zhichu's products include a series of shaking incubators such as CO2 shaking incubators, refrigerated shaking incubators, illumination shaking incubators, high-speed shaking incubators, thermo and humidity shakering incubators, etc. This series of products can compete with imported brands in performance. And at the same time, the latecomers come first in the intelligent manufacturing system of domestic scientific equipment, becoming a new driving force to promote the independent innovation and development of biological sciences!

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