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Zhichu bacterial shaker


  • Product introduction

The biochemical incubator has the function of cooling and heating two-way temperature adjustment system and temperature controllable function. It is an indispensable laboratory equipment for scientific research and teaching departments such as plants, biology, microorganisms, genetics, viruses, medicine, environmental protection, etc. It is widely used in constant temperature experiments. Cultivation experiments, environmental experiments, etc. Its main features: This product uses a new type of intelligent temperature controller for temperature control, LED digital display, intuitive and clear; imported stainless steel inner tank, strong corrosion resistance.


  • Technical indicators


1. Power supply: 220V 50HZ


2. Refrigeration power: 105W


3. Heating power: 100W


4. With lighting


5. Temperature control range: 5-50℃ (digital display LED, with observation window)


6. Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5℃


7. Effective volume: 150L


8. Working hours: continuous

 shaking incubator Zhichu


1. The incubator should be placed in a dry, clean, well-ventilated work room away from heat and sunlight, and placed in a stable manner to prevent vibration and noise.


2. Before use, all control switches on the panel are in a non-working state.


3. Place the experimental samples on the incubator rack, and keep a proper distance between the experimental bottles (or utensils) to facilitate the convective circulation of cold (hot) air.


4. Turn on the power, place the power switch in the "ON" position, the indicator light will be on, and the LED digital display will show the actual temperature inside the box.


5. Then set the temperature value you need according to the instructions of the intelligent temperature controller. The temperature controller will automatically control the temperature in the box to keep constant (when the temperature in the box is higher than the set value, the incubator will automatically cool down, and vice versa. The box will automatically heat up).

 zhichu floored shaking incubator

  • Maintenance and warranty


1. The incubator should be grounded reliably.


2. To ensure effective heat dissipation of condensation, the distance between the condenser and the wall is greater than 100mm. There should be a 50mm gap on the side of the box and at least 30mm on the top of the box.


3. When handling, repairing, and maintaining the incubator, avoid severe collisions and the maximum inclination is less than 45 degrees.


4. After unplugging the power socket, plug it in after 5 minutes. If it is plugged in immediately, the compressor components are easily damaged.


5. When the incubator is working in refrigeration, it is not advisable to make the difference between the temperature in the incubator and the ambient temperature greater than 25 degrees.

 Zhichu orbital shaker

6. It is strictly forbidden to put volatile chemical solvents, explosive gases and flammable gases in the box. Do not use flammable sprays near the incubator to avoid electric spark ignition.


7. In order to prevent pollution, it is necessary to avoid condensation on the wall of the working chamber when using at low temperature.


8. When the refrigeration system is working, it is necessary to avoid frequent opening of the door, which is good for keeping the temperature stable and preventing the entry of dust and dirt.


9. After the refrigeration system stops working, wipe the studio with a soft cloth.

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