Precautions for the use of bacterial incubator

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Precautions for the use of bacterial shaking incubator

  • Use steps of bacterial incubator:

  1. The bacteria incubator should be placed in a clean, tidy, dry and ventilated work room.

  2. Before use, all control switches on the panel should be in non-working state.

  3. Place the test sample on the incubator. When placing the test bottle (connect the external power supply, turn  on the power switch or the utensils), keep a proper interval between them to facilitate the convection circulation of cold (hot) air.

  4. In the "on" position, the indicator light is on.

  5. Select the culture temperature.

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  1. The bacteria incubator should be managed by a dedicated person. Once any switches and adjustment knobs on the operating panel are fixed, do not twist them at will, so as not to affect the temperature, CO2, and humidity fluctuations in the box, and reduce the sensitivity of the machine.

  2. The added water must be distilled water or non-ionized water to prevent minerals from accumulating in the water tank and causing corrosion. The water must be changed once a year. Always check whether the water in the tank is sufficient.

  3. The inside of the box should be scrubbed and disinfected with disinfectant regularly, and the shelf can be removed for cleaning and disinfection to prevent other microorganisms from contaminating and causing the experiment to fail.

  4. Regularly check the over-temperature safety device to prevent over-temperature. The method is to press the monitoring alarm button, turn the fixing screw until the over-temperature alarm device sounds, and then turn off the over-temperature safety light.

  5. If carbon dioxide is not used for a long time, the CO2 switch should be turned off to prevent the CO2 regulator from malfunctioning.

  6. The CO2 used must be pure, otherwise the sensitivity of the CO2 sensor will be reduced and the CO2 filter device will be polluted.

  7. In an incubator without humidity control, in order to maintain the stability of CO2 in the box, a water container should be placed at the bottom of the box. 

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