Biochemical incubator and mold incubator

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The difference between biochemical incubator and mold incubator


The biochemical incubator/biochemical incubator is widely used in the cultivation and preservation of bacteria, molds, microorganisms, tissue cells, water quality analysis and BOD testing, and is suitable for breeding experiments and plant cultivation. It is an important test equipment for scientific research institutions, universities, production units in biology, genetic engineering, medicine, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry.


The biochemical incubator is connected with the mold incubator: both have dual-system hot and cold temperature control.


The difference between a biochemical incubator and a mold incubator: the biochemical incubator does not have moisture control and antivirus functions, and mold incubator has the function of moisture control and antivirus, so the mold incubator of the same volume is slightly more expensive than the biochemical incubator.


Notes: 1. The mold incubator is equipped with a sterilization lamp, but the biochemical incubator does not need to be installed; 2. The mold incubator has two options of humidification and non-humidification, but the biochemical incubator has no humidification option; they can be used for bacterial culture, If the bacteria culture does not need refrigeration, you can also choose an electric heating constant temperature incubator.


As for how you want to use these two incubators, it depends on the specific experiments you want to use, you can consult us for details!

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