How to choose shaking incubator

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Shaking incubator is a combination of temperature-controlled incubator and oscillator. It can be used for plant germination, seedling cultivation, microbial cultivation, and other constant temperature tests.They have extensive and important applications in research and application fields such as medicine, biology, molecular science, pharmaceuticals, food, and environmental protection.

How to choose shaking incubators:

1. When purchasing a shaking incubator, first of all, the technical parameters of the shaking incubator should be determined, such as the temperature control range, operation mode, fixture type, and number of bottles.

2. The temperature control method should be selected with a microcomputer temperature controller, which has the characteristics of accurate temperature control, small temperature fluctuations, and can correct temperature errors. At the same time, it has over-temperature alarm and power-off functions, which can effectively protect the experimental items in time.

3. For occasions where oscillation requirements are not high, it is recommended to select ordinary stepless speed regulation. In order to understand the oscillation speed and the higher oscillation requirements, it is recommended to choose the microcomputer with closed-loop control oscillation mode, with speed display, no deviation in speed operation, slow acceleration and slow deceleration when adjusting different operating speeds.

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