CO2 shaking incubator use

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The use and instructions of the CO2 Shaking incubator


The CO2 shaking incubator is improved on the basis of ordinary cultivation, mainly to add CO2 to meet the environment required for cultivating microorganisms. The CO2  incubator is used for the cultivation of biological cells, tissues, bacteria, etc. by scientific research units and industrial production departments such as modern pharmaceutical biochemistry and agricultural science. It is a necessary key equipment for immunology, oncology, genetics and bioengineering.

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The COincubator is widely used in the research and production of microbiology, medicine, pharmacy, environmental protection, food, animal husbandry and other scientific fields. Commonly used in cell dynamics research, collection of mammalian cell secretions, carcinogenic or toxicological effects of various physical and chemical factors, research and production of antigens, cultivation of hybridoma cells to produce antibodies, in vitro fertilization (IVF), stem cells, tissues Research fields such as engineering and drug screening.




1. The CO2 incubator should be installed in a room with clean air, no direct sunlight, no strong electromagnetic field and radiation energy, and small changes in surrounding temperature. In order to ensure the temperature control accuracy of the CO2 incubator, it is recommended to use it in an environment of 15~25℃.


2. Before starting the CO2 incubator, read the instruction manual and master the correct method of use. Pay special attention to the pressure reducing valve before opening the cylinder to prevent the gas hose from bursting.


3. When the difference between the ambient temperature and the set temperature is less than 5℃, use air-conditioning to lower the ambient temperature. During the whole cultivation process, the ambient temperature should be kept without significant changes, otherwise the change of the ambient temperature will cause the carbon dioxide in the incubator inaccurate temperature control.

4. During use, the output pressure of the pressure reducing valve and the flow of the two flow meters should be monitored frequently, and various valves in the control box must not be arbitrarily twisted. If there is a deviation in the concentration of the CO2 incubator, the reasons for the inaccuracy of the relevant values should be found before slight adjustments can be made.

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5. When the pressure of the cylinder is less than 1MPa, it should be replaced in time. When replacing the cylinder, the cylinder switch should be turned off, the screw shaft of the pressure reducing valve should be loosened, and then the pressure reducing valve should be removed and reinstalled on the new cylinder.

6. When opening the inner door of the CO2 incubator, first turn off the carbon dioxide control switch. After closing the door, when the CO2 concentration display shows "0.0", then turn on the CO2 control switch.

7. When opening the glass door, operate according to Method 3 to prevent the accumulation of "overshoot" when the temperature and CO2 concentration in the box recover.

8. When using the COincubator for the first time or reusing the CO2 incubator after long-term use, it should be operated in accordance with the requirements of Clause 1 to Clause 3 of the method of use.

9. The CO2 incubator should have a good grounding device to ensure safety. 

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