Common faults and treatment methods of shaking incubator with temperature control

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Common faults and treatment methods of constant temperature shaking incubator / constant temperature incubator shaker/ microbial shaking incubator/ microbial incubator shaker

The constant temperature shaker has comprehensive functions and is widely used, but occasionally some malfunctions may affect the normal use of users. Synthesizes various information, summarizes the common failures of the instrument and the solutions. Share with you here. Hope it helps you.


1. The instrument cannot operate normally

a. Check whether the power indicator light is on. If it is not on, it may be caused by power failure, poor contact, damaged fuse, etc.

b. If the power indicator is normal, check whether the controller of the instrument is normally turned on and whether the speed parameter is set.

2. Abnormal cooling when the instrument is running

a. If the instrument is not refrigerated, check whether the compressor is damaged and the function is abnormal.

b. When the compressor is damaged and used again after repair or replacement, the instrument can be set to open mode. The compressor in the open mode is always in working condition, and the cooling effect is better, and it can be effectively maintained.

c. If it is a single-mode work, if you want the compressor to work, you must lower the box temperature below room temperature; if cooling is required, in order to ensure the normal operation of the compressor, the set temperature should be at least 5 degrees Celsius lower than the room temperature.

d. If the temperature in the box fluctuates significantly during the operation of the instrument, it may be caused by frequent opening and closing of the box door. In this case, the compressor will start frequently, which will shorten its service life in the long run. Try to avoid opening and closing the door frequently during use.

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3. The temperature is abnormal when the instrument is running

a. It may be that the arrangement of the shaker bottles is too dense, resulting in poor circulation of the circulation vents. The position of the shaker bottles should be adjusted in time to make them evenly and symmetrically distributed.

b. It may be due to long-term use of long light, the heat conduction of the bulb causes uneven temperature.

c. Check the cabinet of the instrument to see if the circulating fan is working normally.

shaking incubator with temperature control

d. If the temperature in the box fluctuates too much, it may be caused by the wrong setting of the cooling mode. The refrigeration mode should be reset according to the instructions.

e. The instrument cannot control the temperature normally. Check whether the temperature control switch is turned on. If it is turned on, then check whether there is a digital display on the temperature controller and whether the temperature control setting is correct.

f. If the instrument cannot be heated normally, it may be caused by damage to the temperature controller or damage to the heating tube. Deal with them in time after investigation one by one.

g. If the measured temperature is high, it may be caused by the start-up temperature is too high. You can click the cooling button or open the ventilation holes of the instrument.

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