Common problems of lighting shaking incubator

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1. The compressor of the light incubator is not cooling


a. In the balance mode, the compressor is always in working condition, the cooling effect is better, and the compressor can be effectively maintained.


b. If it is a single-mode work, it will work when the temperature drops to a certain value, and the temperature will fluctuate greatly when the door is opened and closed. Cause the compressor to start frequently, and the start is easy to shorten its service life.


2. The phenomenon of uneven temperature in the light incubator


a. The uneven temperature may be caused by too dense discharge, or because the circulating fan in the incubator does not work.


b. If the light is used for a long time, the bulb will easily heat up, which will also cause uneven temperature.


3. The circulating air vent of the light incubator freezes


Each refrigerated instrument has a defrost cycle during which the compressor does not refrigerate. The ice on the condenser is melted by the heating element. The melted water is likely to gather at the air outlet and cause freezing.

 light incubator

4. Maintenance of light incubator


a. The light incubator is turned on once or used for a period of time. When the ambient temperature changes, the error between the measured temperature in the working room and the actual temperature must be checked.


b. After each use of the light incubator, the water in the working room must be wiped off and the main power supply of the incubator must be turned off to ensure safety.


c. During normal operation, the load in the box should not be overcrowded, and the air circulation in the box should not be affected to ensure uniform temperature in the box.


d. If the light incubator works continuously for a period of time under refrigeration, the refrigeration effect is not ideal, which may be caused by frosting on the evaporator. At this time, take out the items in the incubator, set the set temperature to 40°C, run it regularly for 200 minutes, and then put it into normal use (usually for 10-15 days of continuous work, the above operation must be performed once).

e. If the light incubator is not used for a long time, the power cord should be unplugged and the water in the incubator should be wiped off. And run it regularly (once every three months) for 5 hours, set the temperature at 40°C, open the door every two hours to let off the moisture, and unplug the power plug for storage after treatment. To get rid of the moisture of electrical components and avoid damage to related devices.

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