4 reasons why the shaking incubator is not cooling

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4 reasons why the shaking incubator is not cooling


The shaking incubator is used for biological strain cultivation and scientific research. Constant temperature shaking incubators are available with refrigeration type and normal temperature type. Now let's analyze if the refrigerated shaking incubator is not cooling, what is the general reason?

Reason 1: Freon is not enough. Newly purchased incubator shaker generally do not have this situation. Four or five years old shakers have insufficient cooling, the cooling effect is reduced, and the required time to reach the required temperature becomes longer.

Reason 2: The ambient temperature of the constant temperature shaking incubator is too high. Under normal circumstances, it is generally recommended to use it between 5-30 degrees. The normal temperature reached is around -20 degrees from the ambient temperature.

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Reason 3: Long-term low-temperature operation causes the condenser to form frost, and the cooling effect decreases. Regular defrosting is required, and high-end constant temperature shakers have automatic frosting function. You can also manually clean up the frosting problem, adjust to 50 degrees, and run for one hour to solve the frosting problem.

Reason 4: There is a problem with the control panel of the constant temperature shaker, and the refrigeration signal cannot be output. If the compressor does not work, it will naturally not be able to cool.

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