Double-layer shaking incubator use

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What problems should be paid attention to when using double-layer shaking incubator


一、Safety Tips


For your personal and property safety, the following items must be strictly observed!


1. This shaking incubator must be grounded reliably.

2. Please confirm that the local power supply voltage meets the requirements before use. (220∨±5%)

3. The instrument should use an independent power socket.

4. Insert the power plug tightly.

5. Do not plug or unplug the power cord with wet hands.

6. Do not pull the power cord to remove the plug.

7. Do not damage the power cord or use a non-designated power cord.

8. If there is an abnormal state (burning smell, etc.), immediately unplug the power plug to stop the operation of the instrument or disconnect the power with a circuit breaker.

9. Do not make repairs without authorization. Incorrect repairs may cause fire or electric shock.

In one of the following situations, the power plug of this shaking incubator must be unplugged:


1. When opening the power box door of this instrument.

2. When replacing the fuse.

3. When the instrument fails to be used normally.

4. When the instrument is not used for a long time, and the power plug is full of dust.

5. When moving the instrument.

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二、Shaking incubator precautions


Before use, you must fully read and understand the instruction manual of this product. Incorrect use will cause damage to the instrument or abnormal operation of the instrument.

1. The instrument should be placed on a hard and firm surface and ensure that it is level.

2. The distance between the instrument and the wall and objects must be about 10cm.

3. Do not put the instrument near the stove or in direct sunlight.

4. Do not open or close the door of the instrument too hard.

5. Before opening the door of the instrument, make sure that the tray is in a static state.

6. When the instrument is continuously cooled, it must be heated to drive moisture once every 10 days.

7. Check the flask clamp fixing screws frequently.

8. The door of the instrument should not be opened frequently.

9. The surface of the instrument should not be in contact with volatile chemicals such as gasoline and banana water.

10. Keep the inside and outside of the box clean, and clean up debris and stains frequently.

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