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Floored CO2 Shaking Incubator

In this shaking incubator, it is equipment with high quality and low noise imported CFC free compressors, which can ensure refrigeration effect and stable. And imported infrared CO2 sensor measures the CO2 concentration automatically with high sensitivity. Matching controller, solenoid valve and pressure reducing valves are all installed. This CO2 shaking incubator also has double shaking platform in the chamber.
  • ZCLY-180E
  • Zhichu

1. Triple-eccentric drive is precisely counterbalanced to impart smooth, uniform motion to all flasks 

    regardless of their position on the platform.

2. Audible and Visible Alarms alert the user and shuts off heaters to setpoint deviation.

3. Automatic restart after power interrupt with Non-Volatile Memory keeps studies running smoothly.

4. Streamlined shape, backing finish outer cover and stainless interior chamber with rounded corners easy to 

    clean and protect bacteria breeding.

5. High quality and low noise imported CFC free compressors ensure refrigeration effect and stable.

6. The EMC (Electromagnetic Interference) design makes machine more accurate and stable.

7. Open-Door Cutout Switch stops agitation when chamber is open providing a more favorable work environment.

8. With ultraviolet sterilization function.

shaking incubator sticky mat

1. The stainless steel frames with heating function around door class can adjust the temperature as user's need.

2. Mobile and PC monitor(Option)

3. Imported infrared CO2 sensor measures the CO2 concentration automatically with high sensitivity.   

    Matching controller, solenoid valve and pressure reducing valves are all installed. 

4. The bottom of the chamber can be washed thoroughly.

5. Servo-motor makes speed control precisely and ensures high-speed performance and stability.

6. Insulating and tempered door glass as well as the stainless steel frames with heating function avoid 

    condensation effectively, also provides good view of incubating state without opening lids.

7. Special refrigerating process with adjustable cooling capacity makes temperature control more accuracy.

8. Timing frost-removing function, the timing range is 1to 89minutes and the defrost interval is 30-600  

    minutes adjustable, ensures machine working long time in low temperature without ice block.

9. LCD Touch Screen that making parameters setting and viewing easily. Such as:

    a. The setting temperature, speed, time and the real temperature, speed, remaining time are 

        shown simultaneously.

    b. Keyboard  blocking  prohibits  miss  operation.

    c. Setting  rotation  direction  is  positive or reverse.

    d. Setting circulation fan opens normally or automatically.

    e. Data memory function can check the history record within 3 months.

    f. Such data curves as temperature and speed can be displayed.

    g. The data easily transfer through the USB interface.

10. For each shaker, a bottle of  CO2 gas (20kg) can be used not less than 35 days if the door is open normally,  

      and about 145 days when door is not opened.

11. The plastic molding clamps make it easily to put and take flasks with one hand.

12. (Option) Built-in humidity control, ranging from ambient humidity to 95%.

floored shaking incubator

Product Name

Floored Incubator Shaker with CO2 Control



Shaking Range


Shaking Control


Orbit (Diameter)


Temp. Range

460(at  2325 )

Temp. Accuracy


Temp. Uniformity


CO2 Measuring Range


CO2 Accuracy



LCD(Touch Screen)

Air circulation

Forced air circulation

Parameter Control

P.I.D Microprocessor

Max. Capacity

(Stainless steel clamps of one layer)

250ml×25 or 500ml×16 or 1000ml×9

Max. Capacity

(Plastic cement clamps of one layer)

250ml×25 or 500ml×16 or 1000ml×9

Timer Range

0-999.9 hrs.

Platform Size(L×W)



Standard Platform

Each layer Universal Platform(Dedicated Platform optional)

Power Source

AC220±10%      50~60Hz

Overall Dimensions£¨L×W×H£©




Noise Level


Internal Height



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Phone : +86 4000580059 / +86 2134531721
Tel : +86 18021095480



   Add : Building 2, No. 3609 Hongmei South Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
   Phone : +86 4000580059 / +86 2134531721
   Tel : +86 18021095480
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