How to choose the correct shaking incubator

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Determine important parameters + meet the budget = the most cost-effective


1. Determine the appearance requirements of the shaking incubator


Usually there are two kinds of shaking incubators we are talking about now. One is a desktop shaking incubator for use on a desktop. Many users call it a small shaking incubator, and the other is a stand on the ground. Which is better? In fact, there is no good or bad, only suitable or not. If the laboratory space is limited and there are fewer samples to be placed, then a bench-top shaking incubator is sufficient.

 floored shaking incubator

2. Two parameters that need to be considered when determining the shaking incubator


1) Temperature: Everyone knows that the main function of the shaking incubator is shaking. Another type of shaking incubator provides temperature control in addition to the shaking function, such as heating and cooling the experimental samples, so it is not difficult to imagine that there are two types of temperature control in the shaking incubator, one is The temperature is controlled based on room temperature, and the other is to control the experimental temperature below the ambient temperature. When we choose the shaking incubator, we can determine the temperature to be used in our own experiments and tell the manufacturer. The common temperature ranges are: RT+5-65℃, RT+5-100℃, 4-65℃, etc.

2 )Oscillation frequency: All shaking incubators involve such a parameter, that is, the oscillating frequency. In other words, it is the oscillating speed. The common one can reach 10-300 rpm, which can meet the requirements of most customers.

flask clamp

3. Determine the style of the shaking incubator clamp


Usually when we do experiments, we will put two things for the experiment, first is the flask, sometimes we also use the test tube. We must consider this point, because it involves the choice of the shaking plate in the shaking incubator.


4. Determine the number of sample carriers that need to be placed during the experiment


Considering this point is to help us know what size of shaking plate to choose to be suitable. As long as we determine the number and specifications of the flasks to be placed, we can let professionals select the type. When we choose some shaking incubators to be placed on the ground, we must also consider whether the site can be placed, and understand the dimensions of the equipment.

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