Disinfection methods of shaking incubator

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Disinfection method of shaking incubator

The shaking incubator is a commonly used experimental equipment, which needs to be disinfected during use, which is helpful to the experiment. How do users disinfect? In fact, there are many disinfection methods. The following editor will introduce the disinfection method of the incubator shaker in detail, and I hope it can help everyone.


1. First remove the cells, remember to tighten the cap, usually placed in a clean bench, room temperature for one or two hours, no problem. If the cultivation room has air conditioning, you can also turn on the air conditioning. Then first wipe the inner wall of the shaking incubator with a 75% alcohol cotton ball, taking care not to miss any corners.


After wiping twice, use one-distilled water or two-distilled water to clean the inner wall, which can be cleaned several times.


Then use a sterilized cotton ball or 75% alcohol cotton ball to wipe the inner wall again.The entire operation does not need to be under aseptic conditions.

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2. Another method of disinfection is to clean it directly with distilled water, and then use a UV lamp (it is a kind of incubator with a UV lamp, which is much more convenient.) Usually the incubator shaker needs to be cleaned regularly. We clean it every 1-2 months. Of course, this depends on the number of cells and the frequency of use of the incubator.


3. Let's look at the methods used by different people to clean and disinfect the incubator:


1) First scrub with pure water, then scrub with 95% alcohol, and then irradiate with ultraviolet light. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the surrounding environment.


2) Blowing for one day after fumigation is not enough, it takes at least one week to let the formaldehyde dissipate.


3) When adding water, heat the water to reach the temperature of the shaking incubator.


4) Laboratory practice: After autoclaving the plate, add an appropriate amount of sterilized double distilled water or physiological saline into the aseptic operating table, and then add a small amount of neogermide.


5) Take out the plate layer in the incubator and apply high pressure. Wipe the wall of the box with 75% alcohol, then wipe it with Silox, and irradiate it with ultraviolet light overnight. The effect is very good.

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