How to install shaking incubator

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Preparing the Installation

1.1. Location and Space Requirements

The shaking incubator must be situated in a well ventilated area where there is no strong light and hazardous atmosphere. The surface on which the unit is placed must be smooth, level, and able to support the shaker under full load operating conditions.

Allow at least 20cm from the back and 40 cm from the right sight of the shaker to the clear wall. Also allow enough room for the lid to be fully open.


1.2. Environment

The lab shaker is designed to operate optimally in the following ambient conditions:

·10 ℃ to 35 ℃

·20 to 85% relative Humidity

 shaking incubator

1.3. Electrical Requirements

 AC 220±10%, 50Hz 

2.1. Installation

·Move it to your intended location.

·Make sure the unit is placed on a level surface.


Be Careful! When raising or handling the machine.

The machine should not be tilted over 45 degree.


After installation, fully load the shaker and do a test run at normal speed.


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