Maintenance of shaking incubator

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Shaking incubator maintenance 


1. During the continuous working period of the shaking incubator, a regular inspection should be done every three months; check the fuses, control components and fastening screws, and whether there are water droplets or dirt falling on the motor and control components.


2. The bearings of the transmission part of the shaking incubator need to be filled with a proper amount of grease. During the continuous working period of the shaking incubator, grease should be added every six months, and the filling amount accounts for about 1/3 of the bearing space.


3. The incubator compressor should avoid continuous starting.

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4. If the shaking incubator finds abnormal noises from the motor and compressor; the bearing of the transmission part is worn, the belt is loose or cracked, and the failure of the electronic control component should be dealt with in time.


5. The shaking incubator should be placed on a flat ground to ensure a clean, tidy, dry and ventilated environment.


6. Before using the shaking incubator, all control switches should be in a non-working state, and the speed control knob should be placed in the small position.


7. Before each stop, each control switch of the shaking incubator should be in a non-working state, cut off the power supply.


8. Precautions: Not suitable for the cultivation of articles containing volatile chemical solvents, low-concentration explosive gas and low ignition point gas, and toxic substances.

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