7 types of laboratory shaking incubator flasks

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1. Sticky mat

    Suitable for flasks of various specifications, firm adhesion, simple and beautiful, easy to clean.

    Cleaning methods and precautions for sticky mat:

       a.  Prevent ultraviolet light (ultraviolet radiation reduces service life), if you need to use ultraviolet light, 

           you must stick the original protective film on the sticky mat.

       b.  Cleaning the sticky mat: It is recommended to use ultrasonic wave and appropriate detergent to clean it, 

            or clean it with water and allow to dry naturally.

       c.  Do not use cloth or paper towels to wipe.

       d.  Do not disinfect or clean with alcohol and other supplies.

sticky mat

2. Stainless steel flask

    It is suitable for users who only use one or several kinds of fixed flasks in ordinary experiments, and the       

   characteristic is that the bottle capacity is larger than the universal fixture.

stainless steel flask

3. Plastic flask

    It is suitable for users who need to put a variety of fixed specifications of flasks, which can be placed in a 

    variety of specifications of flasks, beautiful and easy to use.

plastic flask

4. Universal spring clamp

    It can clamp test tubes and flasks of various specifications, with a wide range of applications and great  


universal spring clamp

5. Deep well plate fixture

    A special fixture designed for deep well plates is suitable for large-capacity microplate cultivation, especially 

    for production enterprises. Each fixture can hold two standard plates.

deep well plate

6. Test tube holder

    The stainless steel fixture dedicated to placing the test tube makes the experiment easier.

test tube

7. Columnar fixture

    Dedicated to high-speed shaker.

Columnar fixture

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