How to choose the best shaking incubator speed

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How to choose the best shaking incubator speed 


Generally, the best speed is determined by the speed of bacterial reproduction.

However, if the secondary metabolites of bacterial reproduction are needed, the best speed can be determined after testing the culture, because the secondary metabolites are not necessarily proportional to the bacterial concentration.


The high shaking speed is conducive to full dissolution of oxygen and the dispersion of the bacteria, which is mainly to control the shaking speed according to the oxygen demand of the culture bacteria growth and product fermentation.

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Generally, it is required to obtain logarithmic phase growth bacteria requiring rapid oxygen dissolution, and a high shaking speed, for example, more than 300 rpm. Of course, the bacterial liquid splashing too fast can also be easily infected. If the bacteria are relatively fragile, such as shaking bacteria after heat shock transformation, it needs to be slower, for example, about 200 rpm. Such as actinomycetes, high-speed shearing force will rupture the bacteria, and low-speed will not disperse.

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