5 tips you should pay attention to when choosing a lab shaking incubator

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5 tips you should pay attention to when choosing a laboratory shaking incubator


Shaking Incubator is a kind of commonly used laboratory equipment, which belongs to biochemical instrument, which is widely used in bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reaction, enzyme and tissue research, etc. which have higher requirements on temperature and oscillation frequency.

Before buying a lab shaker, you first need to figure out these 5 most important questions:

1. What is the unit capacity (total weight and total volume) of the bottle you need?

2. Are there other standard accessories included?

3. What is the speed range per minute? What increment can it control?

4. What is the temperature and humidity required for the operating environment?

5. If there is a programming function, what are its functions?


When purchasing a laboratory shaking incubator, the purchaser should first consider 9 characteristics/factors:


1. Rugged/durable design;

2. Easy to maintain and clean;

3. Rotation speed of the shaker;

4. Simple operation-easy to program and monitor;

5. Low noise-quiet;

6. Warranty period;

7. Amplitude size;

8. Speed control function;

9. Orbital VS. reciprocating motion.

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There are many types of shaking incubator, but in terms of use, several related points are similar. No matter which one, you should pay attention to it. Choosing a suitable shaker is only a prerequisite, and the key is the later use. Correct and reasonable placement, plus correct and reasonable operation, can ensure the normal and effective operation of the equipment. Of course, post-maintenance work is also essential, so that not only the performance of the shaker can be maintained, but also the service life of the shaker can be prolonged. Pay attention to these aspects when using the laboratory shaker:

1. Use environment

Please ensure that the indoor temperature range is between 18°C and 34°C, and the relative humidity is as high as 85%。

2. Positioning

Please place the shaker on a platform or workbench that can support the weight of the shaker and all related parts

3. Power supply voltage

Please confirm that the local power supply voltage meets the requirements before use. It is recommended to connect the device to a dedicated power supply that has installed grounding protection

4. Standard operation

When the shaker is rotating at a high speed, in order to avoid large vibrations of the instrument, the culture reagent bottles should be placed symmetrically on the shaker, and the culture solution in each bottle should be approximately equal.

Please fix the sample firmly on the shaker, and make sure that the sample does not shake violently when the shaker is working.

During the sampling process, if any sample is found to be missing (including the plug falling), the main power supply should be turned off, and the debris should be removed with tweezers as much as possible. If necessary, some parts need to be disassembled for cleaning. Do not handle directly by hand while the shaker is working .

It is forbidden to put the pipe rack made of plastic foam into the shaker to prevent foam particles from being sucked into the fan shaft, causing the fan to overheat and burn!

When taking out the sample, turn off the power or set the speed to zero.

Zhichu shaking incubator

5. Maintenance

a. The surface of the shaking incubator should be scrubbed frequently to keep it clean. Avoid the sides of the shaker control box when scrubbing, so as not to drip into the instrument and damage the instrument.

b. When the incubator is used frequently, an appropriate amount of grease should be added every few months, and the fuse box, control components and fastening screws of the instrument should be checked regularly for looseness.

c. After long-term use of the shaker, when the instrument fails, it should be repaired by professional maintenance personnel.

When the shaker is not used for a long time, especially in the rainy or humid season, it should be energized and run regularly for 5-hours to drive off the water absorbed by the electrical components of the lab shaker.

d. Although each type of shaker has its specific requirements for use, no matter which shaker is used, the above points should basically be followed. As for which shaker to choose, you can choose according to your specific requirements and hobbies.

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