What laboratory equipment is needed for new coronavirus detection, prevention and control

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1. Biological safety cabinet

Biological safety cabinet is a kind of negative pressure equipment, which plays an important role in the detection  of new coronavirus nucleic acid. The new coronavirus nucleic acid detection laboratory mostly uses class II biological safety cabinet. In the process of nucleic acid amplification testing, sample packaging, sample removal, nucleic acid extraction and other tasks are all completed in the biological safety cabinet in the negative pressure laboratory. Biological safety cabinets can effectively reduce laboratory infections and cross-contamination of cultures caused by aerosol exposure, and at the same time protect operators and the environment, and prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms in the operation from causing personal injury and environmental pollution.


2. Virus inactivation equipment

The new coronavirus needs to be inactivated before nucleic acid extraction, so that the high-level structure of the virus protein is destroyed, and the protein no longer has physiological activity, and then loses the ability to infect, cause disease, and reproduce, thereby ensuring the safety of test personnel. Greatly reduce the risk of inspection personnel being infected. The inactivation method is that the sample is inactivated in a water bath at a high temperature of 56°C for half an hour. Commonly used instruments include steam sterilizers, sterilizers, and water baths.

 water bath shaker

3. Nucleic Acid Amplifier

Using a nucleic acid amplifier is the last step of nucleic acid detection, and it is also a particularly critical step. PCR technology is equivalent to the natural replication process of DNA, and its specificity depends on the oligonucleotide primers complementary to the two ends of the target sequence, and consists of three basic reaction steps: denaturation-annealing-extension. The inspector puts the amplification system into the nucleic acid amplifier, confirms that the amplification program is correct, and then starts it. The amplified results are collected by the fluorescent signal collection system in real time, connected to the computer analysis and processing system to obtain a quantitative result output.

Incubator shaker

4. Shakers and Incubator shaker

Pre-treatment of biological samples, used for bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reactions, enzyme and tissue research that have higher requirements for temperature and oscillation frequency.


5. CO2 shaking incubators

They are widely used in bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reactions, enzyme, cell tissue research, etc., which have high requirements for temperature and oscillation frequency. It has extensive and important applications in research and application fields such as medicine, biology, molecular science, pharmacy, food, and environmental protection.

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