What do you know about laboratory furniture?

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What do you know about laboratory furniture?


Nowadays, when people buy laboratory furniture, in addition to the regular requirements of quality and appearance, they also respect environmental protection. As an important part of laboratory equipment, the environmental performance of laboratory furniture itself has a certain health impact on researchers who work eight hours a day.

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What kind of panel laboratory furniture is the most environmentally friendly?


First, let's take a look at the common panels of laboratory furniture. The main materials used in laboratory furniture are melamine board and steel frame. How to distinguish the environmental performance of these two materials? First of all, the melamine board must meet the national environmental protection standard E1 level. The formaldehyde of this kind of board does not exceed the standard. It is correct to choose it; secondly, the choice of steel frame is preferably Maanshan Iron and Steel or Anshan Iron and Steel, these two kinds of steel frames are hard and dense. So they do not absorb harmful substances in the air, do not worry about environmental issues.


What kind of laboratory furniture emits less formaldehyde?


The reason why laboratory furniture contains formaldehyde is also related to its manufacturing process. For example, the use of low-quality paint and glue during processing will affect the environmental performance of laboratory furniture. For another example, looking at the edge banding of furniture, is the edge banding around laboratory furniture just for aesthetics? Of course not. Edge banding can effectively reduce the release of formaldehyde and appropriately extend the service life of laboratory furniture.

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