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We all know that there are many types and styles of shaking incubators. Today we mainly introduce several incubators commonly used in laboratories!


  • Electric thermostatic incubator


Electric thermostatic incubator is the simplest one in the incubator. It only has heating function but not cooling function. Usually the temperature control range is room temperature~60℃. Commonly used in cultivation experiments on bacteria and microorganisms in industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture, biochemistry, biology, and pharmaceutical industries. Can be equipped with heating on all sides.


  • Waterproof incubator


The difference between waterproof incubator and electric thermostatic incubator is the heating method. The electric thermostatic incubator is directly heated by the gas jacket, while the waterproof incubator is heated by the water jacket. The independent water jacket layer surrounds the internal box to maintain a constant temperature. Compared with the air jacket type, the temperature of the water jacket type heating is more uniform, and it maintains a constant temperature for a long time after the power is turned off. The usual temperature range is room temperature + 5 ℃~65 ℃. The cultivation of bacteria, but most customers still prefer the electric thermostatic incubator. Waterproof incubators need to be regularly filled, emptied, and cleaned to monitor the operation of the water tank.

 Zhichu co2 shaking incubator

  • Biochemical incubator


The biochemical incubator has a cooling function based on the electric thermostatic incubator. The conventional temperature range is controlled at 0~70°C. It is mainly suitable for the cultivation and storage of bacteria, mold, microorganisms, tissue cells, water quality analysis and BOD testing.



The constant temperature and humidity incubator has a precise temperature and humidity control system. The conventional temperature control range is 0~50°C and the humidity range is 30~95%. It can provide a variety of environmental simulations for industrial research and biotechnology testing The conditions are suitable for environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, agricultural and livestock, aquatic products, scientific research, universities, and production departments.

 co2 shaking incubator


Lighting shaking incubator's capacity 80~2000L optional, temperature range 0~50℃, light intensity 30000LX, light incubator is programmable multi-stage control mode, temperature, humidity, light intensity and time can be set independently in day and night with over-temperature and sensor abnormal protection function, power-off memory function, it is widely used in microbial tissue cell culture, seed germination, seedling experiment, plant culture, etc., can simulate different environmental climate conditions.

 lighting shaking incubator

  • Mold incubator


Mold incubator has high-precision laboratory equipment with heating, cooling, humidification and disinfection functions. It has a more disinfection function than the biochemical incubator. Generally, it is sterilized with an ultraviolet lamp, and can also be used as a biochemical incubator. Some mold incubators have humidity control, and the mold incubator with humidity can be used as a constant temperature and humidity incubator. The temperature range of the mold incubator is 0~50℃, and the humidity range is 30~95%RH.


  • Anaerobic incubator


The anaerobic incubator is composed of three parts: operation room, culture room, and sampling room, advanced and reliable temperature control circuit, and reasonable gas circuit design. Used to cultivate anaerobic microorganisms in microbiology laboratories, such as Tetanus. Temperature range controlled at room temperature +3℃~50℃.


  • CO2 incubator


CO2 incubator is a type of incubator specially designed for the cultivation of human and animal cells. The cultivation of human and animal cells must be in an environment containing a certain concentration of carbon dioxide. Commonly used culture concentration is 5%, carbon dioxide concentration control range: 0%~20%, temperature control range: room temperature +5℃~50℃. Commonly used in cell laboratories.

 CO2 shaking incubator

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