Pay attention to 4 points about laboratory relocation

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Pay attention to these 4 points in laboratory relocation


Laboratories are necessary for many companies, factories, and even schools, but the development of companies, schools, etc. may involve the relocation of laboratories, so what should be paid attention to during the relocation of laboratories? Today, we will learn with you: What are the aspects that need attention in the process of laboratory relocation?


1. Packaging and protection of laboratory equipment

There are a lot of glassware and many precision instruments in the laboratory. Due to the precision and fragility of these instruments, we must pay attention to packaging protection when relocating the laboratory, and mark "precision instruments", "glass products", "fragile", etc., on the box after packaging. In this way, remind the relocation staff to be cautious in the relocation process.


2. Transportation and protection of laboratory equipment

Although we have packaged and protected laboratory equipment, we cannot avoid bumps during the handling of laboratory equipment. In order to minimize this "accidental" damage, we can pay attention to such as turning, the size of the door frame when entering and exiting the door, the gap or height difference between the  elevator and the ground, etc., and make preparations before handling.

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3. Transportation speed control of laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment should also be protected during transportation. The speed control of laboratory equipment during transportation is the best protection for precision instruments. Although we have considered the requirements of anti-vibration for the equipment when packaging, low speed is also necessary. Only by controlling the smooth running of the vehicle and reducing the shock can the damage to precision instruments be minimized.


4. Installation of laboratory equipment

The final part of laboratory relocation is the installation and commissioning of laboratory equipment. Therefore, after the equipment is moved, the laboratory equipment must be put in the right place, installed and debugged in time. After this work is completed, the laboratory relocation is truly completed.

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