The importance of light in tissue culture

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The importance of light in tissue culture-Zhichu lighting shaking incubator


Light is also one of the important conditions in tissue culture, mainly in terms of light intensity, light quality, and light time:


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1. Light intensity

Light intensity has an important effect on the proliferation of cells and differentiation of organs. From the current research situation, light intensity has a significant effect on the initial division of plants and cells. Generally speaking, the light intensity is strong and the seedlings grow stout, while the light intensity is weak and the seedlings are easy to grow.

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2. Light quality

Light quality has a significant effect on callus induction, proliferation of cultured tissues, and differentiation of organs. For example, lily bulbs are cultured under red light, and after 8 weeks, callus is differentiated. However, callus appeared only after several weeks of cultivation under blue light, and after 15 days of inoculation of gladiolus bulbs, buds appeared first in culture under blue light, and the formed seedlings grew vigorously, while the seedlings were slender under white light. According to Ni Dexiang's research on carnation, the growth is highest under white light, followed by red, yellow, green, and blue light that inhibit growth, monochromatic light can inhibit chlorophyll synthesis, and chlorophyll synthesis needs to be in composite light conditions. Finished. With the continuous advancement of technology, white light LEDs have developed rapidly in recent years. As a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving light source, LEDs have high light efficiency, low energy consumption, safety, reliability and durability, and the wavelength is exactly in line with the spectral range formed by plant light synthesis and light form. Consistent, therefore, the application of LED plant growth lights in tissue culture is becoming more and more common.

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3. Photoperiod

When in vitro culture of test tube seedlings, a certain light and dark period is used for tissue culture. The most commonly used periods are 16h light and 8h dark. Studies have shown that organs and tissues of varieties that are sensitive to short-day light tend to differentiate under short-day light, and callus production under long-day light sometimes requires dark culture, especially callus of some plants under dark culture conditions. Better in light conditions. Such as safflower, black rice tree callus. Except that some materials require dark conditions to induce callus, general culture requires certain light.


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