Precautions for CO2 shaking incubator use

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Precautions for the use of CO2 shaking incubator


1. The power switch cannot be turned on before the CO2 incubator is filled with water, otherwise the heating element will be damaged.

2. After running the CO2 incubator for several months, the water in the water tank may be reduced due to volatilization. When the low water level indicator light is on, add water.

3. The CO2 incubator can be used as a high-precision constant temperature shaking incubator, and the CO2 control system must be turned off at this time.

4. Because the CO2 sensor is calibrated under saturated humidity, the humidification pan must always be filled with sterile water.

5. When the over-temperature alarm indicator is on and a sharp alarm sounds, the power should be turned off for 30 minutes; if the power switch is turned on again and the temperature is still over-temperature, the power should be turned off and reported to the maintenance personnel.

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6. The cylinder should be replaced when the cylinder pressure is lower than 0.2MPa.

7. Minimize the time to open the glass door.

8. If the CO2 incubator is not used for a long time, the moisture in the working room must be removed before closing, and the glass door should be opened for ventilation for 24 hours before closing.

9. When cleaning the COincubator working room, do not hit the sensor and other components.

10. When disassembling and assembling the bracket guard in the working room, the special wrench must be used.

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11. The water in the incubator must be drained before moving the incubator.

12. Before moving the CO2 incubator, take out the shelf and humidification tray in the working room to prevent collision and damage to the glass door.

13. When carrying the incubator, do not turn it upside down, and at the same time, do not lift the door to avoid damage to the door.

14. The instrument should be placed on a flat ground, the environment should be clean and tidy, dry and ventilated.

15. The cylinder gas must be pure and up to standard to avoid damage to the instrument.

16. Do not adjust the inlet gas pressure to too high.

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