Precautions for shaking incubator use

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Precautions for using shaking incubator


1. Before using the shaking incubator, please read the instruction manual carefully;

2. Please read the safety tips and precautions in the manual carefully;

3. In order to protect the normal operation of the compressor, please observe the following operations:

1) When the shaking incubator needs to be moved, the inclination angle should be less than 45°

2) Move the incubator to ensure stable use after 24 hours

4. This shaking incubator must be grounded reliably

5. Please confirm the local power supply voltage before use;

6. In one of the following situations, the power plug must be unplugged:

1) When opening the power box door and ventilation regulating door of this equipment

2) When replacing the fuse

3) When the equipment fails to be used normally

4) When the equipment is out of use for a long time

5) When moving equipment

incubator shaker (2)

7. The equipment should be placed on a firm and stable surface and kept level;

8. There must be a gap of about 10cm around the shaking incubator;

9. If you have a refrigerated shaking incubator and requires continuous refrigeration, it must be heated once every 10 days to remove moisture;

10. If the equipment has a cooling function, the dust on the condenser next to the compressor must be cleaned every six months to ensure the cooling effect;

11. If the experimental bottles are broken, remove the shaking plate to remove the liquid and residual glass;

12. The fixing screws of the flask clamp should be checked frequently to prevent the clamp from falling off;

13. The equipment should not be opened at will, otherwise it will affect the constant temperature effect;

Zhichu stacked shaking incubator

14. The coating of the outer box of the equipment must not be in contact with volatile chemicals;

15. If the power cord is damaged, use our special accessories;

16. Keep the inside and outside of the box clean, and often clean up debris and stains;

17. Gravity opening and closing the door of the equipment box can easily cause equipment damage;

18. Before opening the door of the equipment box, make sure that the rocker is in a stationary state;

19. When pulling the power plug of the equipment, do not pull the power cord directly.

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