How to operate the separatory funnel shaker correctly

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The separatory funnel shaker is designed to improve the efficiency of extraction and purification. The equipment is flexible to use and easy to operate. It can greatly improve work efficiency and meet various applications, such as the extraction operation of environmental analysis pretreatment, extraction of natural food and oils, pesticide residues, extraction of harmful substances in soil, extraction of water pollution detection, etc. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Preparation: Choose a separatory funnel that is more than twice the total volume of the extractant and the extracted solution. Check whether the lid and cock are tight.

2. Feeding: Pour the extracted solution and extractant from the upper mouth of the separatory funnel, and close the lid.

3. Vibration: Vibrate the separatory funnel to make the two-phase liquid layer fully contact. The shaking operation is generally to tilt the separatory funnel so that the upper mouth of the funnel is slightly downward. The liquid mixed into an emulsion.

4. Venting: After shaking, keep the separatory funnel in an inclined state, unscrew the cock, release the vapor or gas generated, and balance the internal and external pressure.

5. Repeated oscillation: re-oscillate and deflate several times. The operation and phenomenon are the same as oscillation and deflation.

6. Standing: Put the separatory funnel in the iron ring and let it stand still. The purpose of standing is to stratify the unstable emulsion.

7. Separation: After the liquid is divided into two clear layers, it can be separated. When separating the liquid layer, the lower layer liquid should be discharged through the cock, and the upper layer liquid should be poured out from the upper mouth.

8. Combine: The extracted solution separated from the extract is extracted according to the above method, usually 3 to 5 times.

9. Distillation: Add the dried extract to a distillation flask to distill off the solvent to obtain the extraction product.

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