Application of shaking incubator in vaccine manufacturing biotechnology

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Application of shaking incubator in vaccine manufacturing biotechnology

Vaccines can be divided into bacterial vaccines and viral vaccines according to their characteristics, divided into dead vaccines, live vaccines, inactivated vaccines and attenuated live vaccines, etc., and can also be divided into protein vaccines, polysaccharide vaccines, combined vaccines, and Can be divided into preventive vaccines and therapeutic vaccines according to the purpose. The vaccine production process is generally cultivation, purification, refining, matching, and packaging. Of course every step has quality inspection and warranty.


In other words, the vaccine's treatment idea is to remove the replication activity of the bacteria, leaving only the irritation, and then hit this "disabled" bacteria into the human body, causing the body's resistance, so as to avoid the real germs when they come invasion. This operation of treating germs is called weakening or inactivation. Generally, special chemicals are used to treat germs, and weakened offspring can be obtained. Of course, it can also be cultivated repeatedly, which leads to the degradation of its seed and loss of replication ability before injection.


There are many instruments used to make vaccines, such as microbial fermentation tanks, cell incubators, refractometers, freezers, centrifuges, concentration and purification equipment, vaccine storage equipment, shakering incubators, magnetic stirrers, high temperature drying ovens, circulating water baths Pot etc. These instruments will be used in the preparation, production and testing of vaccines (including microbiological testing, preservative residue testing and immunological testing, etc.). With the continuous development of biological sciences, the improvement of vaccine manufacturing technology also has a higher demand for instruments. A single incubator or shaker is not suitable for experimental requirements. Before the appearance of shaking incubators, it was common practice to put an air shaker in an incubator. Now, the appearance of various floor-standing, superposition, and small-scale shaking incubators not only reduces the troublesome process of doing experiments, but also greatly improves the efficiency of vaccine cultivation and testing. The shaking incubators can provide a long-term and stable culture environment for different types of cells. The cultivation of cells is inseparable from the shaking incubators, and the cultivation of vaccines is also inseparable from the shaking incubators.


After the preparation of the vaccine is completed, each link must be tested. During these tests, a shaking incubator and a microbial incubator are required for microbial cultivation to achieve microbial detection in the vaccine.

The shaking incubator has the function of 3 points temperature calibration and compensation at the same time, so that the temperature in the incubator can maintain the maximum accuracy. Zhichu’s shaking incubator also have functions such as sound and light alarm, self-protection, speed deviation alarm, current overload protection, memory storage, and automatic operation after sudden power failure and power restoration. It can effectively ensure that the daily test process of up to tens of hours is not interrupted and does not need to be redone.

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