Shaking Incubator For Cell Culture

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1. Animal cell culture

Among all cell cultures, the most difficult is animal cell culture. The following are the special conditions it     


1) Serum:   Animal cell culture often requires serum. The most commonly used is calf serum. Serum provides  

                  essential growth factors, such as hormones, trace elements, minerals and fats. Here, serum is     

                  equivalent to a natural nutrient solution for culture of animal cells.

2) Support:  Most animal cells have the habit of growing adherently. Culture usually uses glass, plastic, etc. as 


3) Gas exchange:  The ratio of carbon dioxide and oxygen must be continuously adjusted during the cell culture 

                             process to continuously maintain the required gas conditions.


shaking incubator

2. Plant cell culture

1)Light:  Plant cells cultured are not very strict with light conditions, because the materials needed for cell     

                growth are mainly supplied by the medium. However, illumination is not only related to               

                photosynthesis, but also related to cell differentiation. For example, photoperiod can regulate sex cell  

                differentiation and flowering. Therefore, light conditions are particularly important in the early plant 

                cell culture process for the purpose of obtaining plants.

2)Hormones:  The division and growth of plant cells require the regulation of plant hormones. Growth-

                          promoting auxins and cell division-promoting mitogens are the most basic hormones. The 

                          division, growth, differentiation and individual growth cycle of plant cells are regulated by 

                          corresponding hormones.

shaking incubator

3. Microbial cell culture

Microorganisms are mostly single-celled organisms, and the living conditions in the wild are relatively simple. 

    Therefore, the conditions for artificial culture of microorganisms are much simpler than that of animal and        

    plant cells. Among them, anaerobic microorganism cultivation is more complicated than aerobic 

    microorganisms, because strict anaerobic needs to maintain the concentration of non-oxygen inert gas such 

    as carbon dioxide, while aerobic microorganisms only need to provide sterile oxygen through constant        

    stirring. Microorganisms have less stringent requirements for culture conditions than animal and plant cells. 

shaking incubator

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