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The choice of microbial culture shaking incubator is related to temperature and humidity


Microbial culture shaking incubator is widely used in medical and health, biopharmaceutical, agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental protection and other research and application fields. It is a special incubator shaker for water body analysis, BOD determination, biology, microorganism cultivation, preservation and breeding experiments.

Microbial culture shaking incubator features:

1. It adopts dynamic constant temperature control system with fast sensitivity, high accuracy, temperature fluctuation ±0.2℃;

2. Stainless steel mirror inner tank, never rusty, glass door is easy to observe;

3. LED display is clear and intuitive, temperature setting, temperature display,timing time and standard time;

4. With over-temperature alarm function to ensure the safety of the instrument and sample;

5. The unique circulating air duct design ensures uniform temperature inside the studio;

6. After setting the temperature, heating or cooling will automatically proceed, and it will quickly approach the set temperature.

heated shaking incubator

 When choosing a microbial culture shaking incubator, choose according to temperature and humidity:

1. If you need to cultivate at a temperature below room temperature, you have to buy a biochemical culture shaking incubator with compressor refrigeration;

2. If the temperature is lower than normal temperature + high humidity, you need to buy a mold culture shaking incubator with humidification function;

3. No lower than normal temperature + no humidity, just buy an ordinary electric heating shaking incubator.

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