shaking incubator function

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Zhichu shaking incubator function

The full temperature shaking incubator is a novel constant temperature culture and preparation equipment specially developed for modern bioengineering production units. The equipment has a large cavity space and a large amount of loading bottles, which is especially suitable for mass production. It is widely used in bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reaction, enzyme, cell tissue research, etc., which have high requirements on temperature and oscillation frequency. It has extensive and important applications in research and application fields such as medicine, biology, molecular science, pharmacy, food, and environmental protection.

heated shaking incubator

Shaking incubator performance

The full temperature shaking incubator integrates an incubator and a shaker, and occupies a small area. The five-group eccentric transmission system has stable rotation, sturdiness and durability, especially good load capacity. The temperature control adopts an intelligent control circuit with PID temperature compensation function, which reduces the temperature overshoot and unnecessary fluctuations in the box. The weight distribution of the platform is even, and the balance performance is good when working.

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Selection function of full temperature shaking incubator

The full temperature shaking incubator also has many optional technologies and equipment for users with more needs to choose, making the operation of the instrument and equipment no longer a burden, and more of the enjoyment of the use process.

 1. Multi-stage temperature, speed, time synchronization programming, normal and programming operating modes are optional, preset values and operating values are displayed at the same time, which can simplify complex training requirements and truly realize automatic control and operation.

2. The independent limit temperature alarm system automatically cuts off the heating when the limit temperature is exceeded to ensure safe operation without accidents.

3. Equipped with a filter that can be removed and easily cleaned, effectively filtering bacteria and dust particles in the outside air, reducing cross-contamination.

4. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp is located in the box, which can disinfect the inside of the box regularly, and can effectively kill the floating bacteria in the circulating air and humidifying pan water vapor in the box, thereby effectively preventing pollution during cell culture.

shaking incubator cell culture

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