shaking incubator maintenance and cleaning

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Shaking Incubator Maintenance 

The shaking incubator is a biochemical instrument that combines a temperature-controllable incubator and an oscillator. It is an indispensable laboratory instrument for the scientific research, education and production departments of plants, biology, microorganisms, genetics, viruses, environmental protection, etc. for precision culture preparation.

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Shaking incubator should be cleaned frequently. We summarized how to better clean and maintenance shaking incubator:

1. First wipe the inner wall with 75% alcohol, ventilate for 10 minutes, and irradiate with ultraviolet for 30 minutes.

2. The power supply should have a grounding device to avoid accidents.

3. The full-temperature shaking incubator should be placed on a firm, dry, and well-ventilated ground or on a workbench.

4. The refrigerated shaking incubator should be moved in parallel when moving, and the inclination angle of either side should be less than 45 ℃.

5. The contents in the box should not affect the air circulation.

6. Turn off the power when making preparations.

7. In the speed range, medium speed can extend the service life of the instrument.

8. Place culture test bottles, in order to make the instrument work with good balance performance and avoid large vibrations, all test bottles should be covered during bottling, and the culture solution of each bottle should be approximately equal. If the number of culture bottles is insufficient , The test bottle can be placed symmetrically.

9. After each use, the inner and outer surfaces of the instrument must be cleaned and kept tidy. It is forbidden to use acid chemical thinner, gasoline, stupid and other items to clean. Long-term use of the instrument, natural wear and tear is normal.

10. The cooling shaking incubator cannot be used in an environment with flammable gas. If a flammable gas leak is found, do not unplug the power plug and turn off the thermostat or light switch, otherwise electric sparks will occur and cause a fire.

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