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Shanghai Zhichu Instrument Co., Ltd. is one of leading and professional manufacturer specialized in the field of shaking incubator in China. Such as CO2 shaking incubators, benchtop shaking incubators, illumination shaking incubators, refrigerated shaking incubators, mini shaking incubators, floored shaking incubators, stackable shaking incubators, orbital shakers, water bath shakers, rotary shaking incubators, etc. A variety of products to meet the needs of different customers.  All Zhichu shaking incubators have passed CE & ISO9001 certifications. 

  1. CO2 Shaking Incubator

    Zhichu CO2 shaking incubators use imported infrared CO2 sensor measures the CO2 concentration automatically with high sensitivity. And matching controller, solenoid valve and pressure reducing valves are all installed. Stackable CO2 shaking incubator can stack up to three units high, Space-saving and high-capacity.

    heated shaking incubator

  2. Benchtop Shaking Incubator

       This model is compact and convenient, and can be placed on the table for constant temperature and 

shaking culture. Open-Door Cutout Switch stops agitation when chamber is open providing a favorable work environment , safe and reliable. Temperature range: room temperature +5℃-60℃.

shaking incubator thermo

  3. Refrigerated Shaking Incubator

      High quality and low noise imported CFC free compressors ensure refrigeration effect and stable.             

      Insulating and tempered glass door provides good view of incubating state without opening lids.

water bath shaker

  4. Water Bath Shaker

     Stainless steel interior chamber, platform, spring and flask clamps. 

      The user friendly design is equipped with water drain valve.

cooling shaking incubator

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