10 tips on the operation of cell culture shaking incubator

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10 tips on the operation of cell culture shaking incubator

The cell culture shaking incubator, also known as the microbial cell culture shaking incubator or constant temperature cell culture shaking incubator, is the necessary equipment to provide various experiments such as fermentation, hybridization research, genetic research and drug research for the medical and health, medicine, agriculture, scientific research and other departments. When using a shaking incubator, in order to ensure the safety of the research and improve the efficiency of the research, what are the problems that need to be paid attention to when using the shaking incubator? The following editor explains in detail for the user, the editor has the following common knowledge share with everyone:


1. When using equipment, electricity safety is a very important part of safety. Therefore, the power supply of the shaking incubator should have a grounding device to avoid accidents.


2. The operating environment of the shaking incubator must ensure that there is no flammable gas nearby. The equipment must not be used in an environment with flammable gas. If a flammable gas leak is found, do not unplug the power plug and turn off the thermostat or light switch. Otherwise it will produce electric sparks and cause fire.

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3. There will be violent oscillations when the shaking incubator is running. In order to improve the working efficiency of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment, the editor strongly recommends that you fill all the test bottles when bottling. If there are not enough culture bottles, Try to place the test bottles symmetrically.


4. Develop good electricity usage habits, and turn off the power when making preparations or accessing test products.


5. A suitable operating environment for equipment can improve efficiency and extend service life, so the shaking incubator should be placed on a firm, dry, and well-ventilated ground or on a workbench.


6. The speed range of the shaking incubator is very wide, but in order to maximize the service life of the shaking incubator, we recommend that you maintain the medium speed for a long time.

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