Shaking incubator: The Definitive Guide

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Shaking incubator: The Definitive Guide 

This is a complete information to shaking incubator.


Shaking incubator is a combination of heating and cooling two-way temperature regulation system, temperature-controlled incubator and oscillator, is a plant, biology, microbe, genetic, viral medicine, environmental protection, food, petroleum, chemical and other scientific research , education and production departments as an indispensable laboratory equipment for precision cultivation preparation. Its purpose is to prepare for the fermentor, such as optimizing the medium, sifting bacteria, etc.


  • The main characteristics of shaking incubator


1. The heat insulation material of the incubator body is made of polyurethane foam foamed on site, which has strong anti-interference ability to external heat (cold) sources. At the same time, the waterproof design of the cabinet, all components sensitive to water or mist, including the drive motor and electronic components, are all placed outside the cabinet, so the incubator can be cultivated under high temperature and high humidity. Any accidental broken bottle during the cultivation process will not cause damage to the shaking incubator.

2. There is an air channel in the working chamber, and the temperature distribution is even.

3. The inner chamber is made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.

4. The heating system can raise the temperature to 50 ℃ when the ambient temperature is -5 ℃

    (for reference only).

5. The cooling system can cool down to 5 ℃ when the ambient temperature is 32 ℃ (for reference only).

6. The spring holder is particularly suitable for the cultivation equipment of biological samples for various comparative tests.

7. Temperature control, digital display.

8. Stepless speed regulation, safe operation.

 shaking incubator cell culture

  • Application fields of shaking incubator


The shaking incubator is suitable for scientific research, college experiments and production departments such as environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, agriculture and livestock, drug inspection, aquaculture, etc. It is a water body to analyze and culture, preserve, plant cultivation, breeding experiments of bacteria, mold, microorganisms from BOD Special oscillation equipment. Suitable for suspension, environmental research (wastewater and oil analysis), extraction treatment, fermentation (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, DNA and enzymes), general mixing, medical research (diagnostic testing), molecular biology, plasmid purification, bacterial protein detection, Dissolve, color and decolorize.


  • Classification of shaking incubator


The shaking incubator can be divided into: general shaking incubator, microbial shaking incubator, cell shaking incubator, high temperature shaking incubator, single-layer shaking incubator, double-layer shaking incubator according to the temperature and culture required for cultivation .


cooling shaking incubator


The shaking incubator is divided according to the constant temperature range: room temperature to 60 ° C is a constant temperature shaking incubator, 5 to 60 ° C is a full temperature shaking incubator.


Using a constant temperature shaking incubator is relatively simple and is not affected by the ambient temperature.

The method of use is as follows:

power on the incubator, set the timing time, set the speed and temperature, and the incubator can enter normal operation.


The use of a full-temperature shaking incubator is more complicated than a constant-temperature shaking incubator. Because the full-temperature shaking incubator is equipped with a low-temperature function, it is limited by the ambient temperature. When setting the low-temperature incubation, the ambient temperature is less than 28 ℃ Moderately, if it is used in an environment of 30 ° C or above, it is easy to consume refrigerant liquid and shorten the service life of the compressor.

 heated shaking incubator

When using a full-temperature shaking incubator, the following points should also be noted:

1. The newly purchased full-temperature shaking incubator must be stationary for at least 8 hours before it can be powered on to protect the life of the compressor.


2. The incubator refrigeration system is restarted after it is turned off, and the time interval before and after should be greater than 10 minutes to ensure the normal use and life of the compressor.


3. The inclination angle of the shaking incubator should be less than 45 ° C to ensure the normal cooling system of the shaking incubator.



What is shaking culture?


Shaking culture, also known as shake flask culture, is relative to standing culture or mold surface culture. It refers to a culture method in which microbial cells are inoculated in liquid culture medium and placed on a shaking incubator or shaker for continuous shaking. Vibration can make the culture medium fully contact with oxygen and increase the supply of dissolved oxygen. The cells cultured by vibration are evenly propagated and the culture efficiency is high. Especially for the cultivation of mold, it will not form a pellicle, nor will it form a ball formed by long hyphae. It is widely used in strain screening and microorganism expansion culture. It is a commonly used cultivation method in microbial physiology, biochemistry, fermentation and other life science research fields. The drum method (rotation culture method) in tissue culture is also a kind of shaking culture.


The role of shaking culture


1. Mass transfer means that substrates or metabolites are better transferred and function in the system.


2. Dissolved oxygen: During aerobic cultivation, the air is filtered and opened, so by shaking it, more oxygen in the air can be dissolved in the fermentation broth. Anaerobic is not the role.


3. The system is uniform, and it is convenient to sample and measure different parameters.

 CO2 shaking incubator Zhichu

The difference between magnetic stirring and shaking cultivation

1. Most of the bacteria are aerobic bacteria. Shaking culture can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen, make the nutrients fully contact with the target bacteria, make the nutrients fully used, help the growth of bacteria, and also avoid the deposition of bacteria on the bottom of the bottle. Magnetic stirring willnot achieve the same effect.

2. The main drawback of magnetic stirring is that it can cause mechanical damage to the cells in the culture medium. The shaking incubator avoids this. And the shaking incubator can shake multiple flasks and test tubes  at a time, but magnetic stirring cannot shake the test tubes, and the flasks can only shake 1 or 2 bottles.  The shaking incubator can keep the bacteria liquid continually oscillating, which facilitates contact  with air and is very beneficial to aerobic bacteria. It also allows bacteria to more fully contact withnutrients in the culture solution; for anaerobic bacteria, there is no need to shake.


Shaking incubator is a combination of temperature-controlled incubator and oscillator. It can be used for plant germination, seedling cultivation, microbial cultivation, and other constant temperature tests. It has a wide range of important applications in medicine, biology, molecular science, pharmaceutical , Food, environmental protection and other research and application fields.


Step 1:  When purchasing a shaking incubator, first of all, the technical parameters of the shaking incubator 

should be determined, such as temperature control range, operation mode, fixture type, and number of bottles.

Step 2: The temperature control method should be selected with a microcomputer temperature controller, 

which has the characteristics of accurate temperature control, small temperature fluctuations. At the same time, 

it has over-temperature alarm and power-off functions, which can effectively protect the experimental items in time.

Step 3: For occasions with low vibration requirements, it is recommended to select ordinary stepless speed regulation. In order to understand the oscillation speed and the higher oscillation requirements, it is recommended to choose the microcomputer with closed-loop control oscillation mode, with speed display, 

no deviation in speed operation, slow acceleration and slow deceleration when adjusting different operating speeds.

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