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Constant temperature shaking incubator for microorganism cultivation

In the process of transforming and cultivating various microorganisms, it is often necessary to use a constant temperature shaking incubator for microorganism cultivation, and then to scale up production. For different kinds of microorganisms, the oxygen demand and optimal culture temperature are different during the culture process.


What are the precautions for using a shaking incubator thermo for culture?


1. Microorganisms with large oxygen demand and fast metabolism need to increase the speed appropriately to dissolve oxygen more fully, and to mix the microorganisms with the culture solution to prevent excessive metabolic products from inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.


2. Rotation speed is not as high as possible. Some cultures may cause blistering due to culture media and metabolites. At this time, lower the speed.

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3. In some cases, the mycelium needs to be protected, or if the bacteria are in a sensitive state, they need to maintain stable operation at a low speed.


4. For some temperature-sensitive situations that require strict control of the culture temperature, connect a temperature probe to achieve more accurate temperature control.


5. Finally, due to the difference in the amount of inoculation, medium ratio, and strain quality of each culture, the time for the culture to reach the logarithmic phase will also be different. You should choose a shaker with a transparent cover to observe the content in the culture bottle in real time.

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