How to use shaking incubator

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The shaking incubator is widely used in daily experimental work. It integrates constant temperature cultivation and oscillation. It solves the problem that only cultivation can not be shaken during the experiment. It is a biochemical instrument with heating and cooling bidirectional temperature regulation system, temperature controllable incubator and orbital shaker.


Instructions for use of shaking incubator


The shaking incubator is different from the constant temperature incubator. The shaking incubator needs to be familiar with many operational problems in specific use. Only by fully mastering the use skills can it bring efficient production. As a technical equipment, the shaking incubator is currently favored in many fields. It can not only provide convenience for production in terms of functions, but also bring beneficial influence to the progress of science and technology.


First of all, when the shaking incubator is in a non-working state, it should be properly placed. The best storage location should be a ventilated place, which can effectively ensure the performance of the shaking incubator. In addition, the box should be kept dry and clean. Before the shaking incubator is used, the control switches on the panel should be in a non-working state; place the experimental samples on the culture rack, and maintain appropriate intervals between the test bottles or utensils during placement to facilitate the convection circulation of hot and cold air; Turn on the external power supply, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on.

 CO2 shaking incubator Zhichu

Secondly, during the specific operation of the shaking incubator, different culture temperatures and speeds should be used for different cultures. To some extent, this requires professional training on temperature control of the temperature conversion box. The desired temperature can be directly selected according to the instruction manual of the temperature controller. You can also choose the speed and time you need according to the operating instructions of the intelligent speed controller. The shaking incubator has automatic constant temperature control. When the actual temperature in the shaking incubator is lower than this value, it will automatically heat up; when the temperature in the box is higher than this value, it will automatically cool down.


In the specific use process of the shaking incubator, it is necessary to fully understand its operation method in order to bring benefits to the production. I believe that on the road of continuous development, the shaking incubator will also gain a wider world.

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