Lab shaking incubator

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Laboratory shaking incubator


The incubator is the main equipment for cultivating microorganisms and can be used for the cultivation and reproduction of bacteria and cells. It can be used for plant germination, seedling cultivation, tissue and microbial cultivation; insect and small animal breeding; BOD determination in water analysis and other experiments. The principle is to use artificial methods to create an artificial environment for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, cells, and bacteria in the incubator, such as controlling a certain temperature, humidity, and gas. The Zhichu's shaking incubators include: constant temperature and humidity shaking incubators, shaking incubators with lighting system control and shaking incubators with CO2 control.


1.  Constant temperature and humidity shaking incubators


The constant temperature and humidity shaking incubators consists of two parts: temperature adjustment (heating, cooling) and humidification. Through the rotating fan, air is discharged into the incubator to realize gas circulation and balance the temperature and humidity in the incubator.


The temperature adjustment of the constant temperature and humidity incubator is through the built-in temperature sensor of the incubator, collecting data, adjusting by the temperature controller (micro information processor), connecting the air heating unit to increase the temperature or adjusting the refrigeration to reduce the temperature in the incubator. The humidity adjustment is through the built-in humidity sensor, collecting data, adjusting by the humidity controller (micro information processor), connecting the heating element of the water tank, and evaporating the water in the water tank to increase the humidity or adjust the cooling to achieve dehumidification.

 heated shaking incubator

2. Shaking incubator with lighting system control

The Shaking incubator with lighting system control is composed of a incubator, a shaking platform, a temperature control system, a heating and cooling system, an illumination system, and other parts.


Incubator is generally made of mirror stainless steel, surrounded by arc structure, easy to clean; the cabinet shell is made of stainless steel surface spray. The box body adopts polyurethane foam board with good thermal insulation performance, which greatly improves the thermal insulation performance of the box body.

 lighting shaking incubator

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