How to deal with temperature control problem of shaking incubator

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What to do if there is a temperature control problem about full temperature shaking incubator


The main reason for temperature instability of the full-temperature shaking incubator is the electrical system and the failure of the refrigerator. Common failures are generally resolved from these four aspects:

1. Observe in advance whether the refrigeration compressor can be started during operation. If the compressor starts and runs normally, it means that the main power supply to the compressor electrical circuit is normal, and there is no problem with the electrical system.


2. Check the refrigeration system. If it is found that the compressor's discharge and suction pressures are lower than normal, and the suction pressure is evacuated, it means that the refrigerant quantity of the main refrigeration unit is obviously insufficient. On the other hand, if It is found that the temperature of the exhaust pipe and the suction pipe is not high, which also directly shows that the refrigerant is insufficient, and the problem can be solved by adding the supply in time.

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3. If the refrigerant is sufficient, you need to check whether the solenoid valve is cracked and leaking.


4. If there is no problem with the above, it means that the temperature sensor is faulty and the temperature cannot be transmitted to the control room in a timely and accurate manner, resulting in a situation where the local stability is low or high. This requires professional manufacturer and technicians to replace it. 

Here, our users should contact the manufacturer in time for explanation, and must not disassemble and replace it privately to avoid larger failures.

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