The importance of CO2 shaking incubator in cell culture

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Gas is one of the necessary conditions for the survival of mammalian cell culture. The main gases required are oxygen and carbon dioxide. CO2 is not only a cell metabolite, but also a component required by cells, and it is directly related to maintaining the pH of the culture fluid. Most animal cells require a slightly alkaline environment, with a pH of 7.2 to 7.4, preferably not exceeding 6.8 to 7.6. In the cell culture process, as the amount of CO2 released increases, the medium will become acidic, so NaHCO3 (the H2CO3 formed by dissolving CO2 in water to form a buffer pair) is often added to the medium to adjust the pH. NaHCO3 has a tendency to release CO2, and the addition of CO2 can inhibit the progress of this reaction. The CO2 concentration in the incubator should be balanced with the NaHCO3 concentration in the culture solution. If the CO2 concentration in the incubator is set at 5%, the amount of NaHCO3 added in the culture solution should be 1.97 g/L; if the CO2 concentration is maintained at 10%, then The amount of NaHCO3 added should be 3.95 g/L. Control the concentration of carbon dioxide, which is why the carbon dioxide incubator has become the best choice for in vitro culture of cells or tissues.

 Zhichu stacked shaking incubator

Shanghai Zhichu Instrument Co., Ltd. has focused on the development and production of shaking incubators for ten years, which can meet the diverse and customized needs of customers. Zhichu CO2 shaking incubator adopts imported infrared CO2 sensor to automatically control CO2 concentration, with sensitive response and high precision. It is equipped with a set of controllers, solenoid valves, and pressure reducing valves. Users only need to configure CO2 gas to connect and use.

1. Built-in two-stage humidifying pan, the humidity in the box can reach more than 95% under the condition of 37℃;

2. The bottom of the inner chamber of the shaker can be flushed in all directions without dead corners;

3. The hollow tempered double-sided heating glass is convenient for observing the inside of the box from various angles at any time without opening the door; at the same time, it has glass double-sided heating and door heating functions to avoid glass fogging and dripping phenomenon caused by operation at low or high temperature.


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