The importance of shaking incubator in the process of shaking bacteria and cell culture

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The importance of shaking incubator in the process of shaking bacteria and cell culture


1. Mass transfer means that the substrate or metabolite is better transferred and played a role in the system. Ensure the uniformity of nutrients and gas in the liquid medium, and better growth of bacteria/cells.

2. Dissolved oxygen. In the process of aerobic culture, the air is filtered and opened, so more oxygen in the air can be dissolved in the fermentation broth by shaking. Anaerobic does not do this anymore.

3. The system is uniform, which is convenient for sampling and measuring different parameters. .

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4. Make the bacteria/cells evenly distributed, and at the same time, ensure the contact between the entire bacteria/cells and the liquid medium to ensure sufficient absorption.

5. The incubator provides a good environment with constant temperature and humidity, which meets the conditions for growth and reproduction of bacteria/cells.

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