The use of temperature control shaking incubator in the field of biotechnology such as vaccine development and manufacturing

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The use of temperature control shaking incubator in the field of biotechnology such as vaccine development and manufacturing


The vaccine production process is generally cultivation, purification, refinement, proportioning, and sub-packaging. Of course, every step has quality inspection and quality assurance.


There are many instruments used to make vaccines, such as microbial fermentation tanks, cell incubators, refractometers, freezers, centrifuges, concentration and purification equipment, vaccine storage equipment, shakers, magnetic stirrers, high-temperature drying cabinets, and circulating water baths Pot and so on. These instruments will be used in the preparation, production and testing of vaccines.

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With the continuous development of biological sciences and the improvement of vaccine manufacturing technology, there is a higher demand for instruments, and a single incubator or orbital shaker is not suitable for the requirements of the test. Before the advent of the temperature control shaking incubator, putting the shaker in the incubator was a common operation. However, the emergence of floor-standing, stacking, and small temperature control shaking incubator not only reduces the troublesome process of experimentation, but also greatly improves the efficiency of vaccine cultivation and testing.


The temperature control shaking incubator can provide a long-term and stable culture environment for different types of cells, such as ensuring that the added factors, amino acids and other cells can induce and differentiate into the cells required for tissue engineering to multiply. Cell culture is inseparable from a temperature control shaking incubator , and vaccine production is even more inseparable from a temperature control shaking incubator .

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After the preparation of the vaccine is completed, each link must be tested. During these tests, a shaking incubator and a microbial incubator are required for microbial culture to achieve the detection of microorganisms in the vaccine.

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