Two Types of Lab Shaking Incubator

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Two Types lab shaking incubator


Although there are many types of lab shakers, the most commonly used are rotary shakers and reciprocating shakers.

1. Rotary Shaker

The rotary shaker is a container that rotates and shakes on a horizontal surface with the shaker, and is mostly used for bacterial culture in an Erlenmeyer flask. When the rotary shaker performs shaking culture, the container fixed on the shaker moves with the shaker at a set speed, thereby driving the culture to rotate smoothly around the inner wall of the container.

The rotary shaker has the advantages of good oxygen transfer rate, low power consumption, and the culture will not splash to the bottle mouth. Therefore, it is commonly used in laboratories.

2. Reciprocating shaker

The reciprocating shaker is the container that shakes back and forth on the horizontal surface with the shaker, and is mostly used to multiply bacteria in the test tube. When shaking culture on a reciprocating shaker, the culture is thrown back and forth, causing more intense stirring and shock, so that the culture can obtain a higher oxygen supply. The speed of the reciprocating shaker have a significant effect on the oxygen absorption rate. Suitable for culturing single-celled cells such as bacteria and yeast.

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