Installation and use of CO2 shaking incubator and several common problems

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1. Installation and use of CO2 shaking incubator


  • Turn on: Adjust the temperature setting to the required temperature (for example, 37°C), the heating indicator should be on and flashing, indicating that it is heating. (Note: If the ambient temperature exceeds 25℃, the air conditioner can be used to lower the ambient temperature.)

  • Install the special pressure reducing valve for carbon dioxide on the carbon dioxide cylinder. There should be no air leakage at the joint. Connect the output connector of the pressure reducing valve to the carbon dioxide inlet connector of the incubator with a hose, and tighten it with a hoop to prevent air leakage.

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  • Open the carbon dioxide cylinder, (before opening, the pressure reducing valve should be loosened as much as possible to prevent the output pressure of the pressure reducing valve from being too high and causing the gas pipe to burst) The intake pressure gauge on the pressure reducing valve indicates the carbon dioxide pressure in the cylinder, slowly turn the pressure relief valve knob clockwise. The output pressure gauge of the pressure reducing valve indicates 0.05—0.08MPa, and the pointer is in the middle of the engraved line.

Note:  As the pressure of the pressure relief valve is too low, the pressure adjusted for the first time is easy to slide down and return to zero. It needs to be adjusted several times and usually observed once every 2-5 hours. After a few times, it can be used normally. At this time, set the carbon dioxide concentration on the chronograph meter (adjusted to 5% at the factory). At this time, the existing carbon dioxide enters the inner chamber. The carbon dioxide concentration is generally adjusted to 5%±0.5% before leaving the factory, which can meet the requirements of the majority of users. When the temperature reaches the set value, the fluctuation is within ±0.5℃. Cell culture can be carried out.

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2. Several common problems of CO2 shaking incubator

  • What should I do if the CO2 concentration in the CO2 shaking incubator does not rise?

a. Treatment: Check whether the gas valve of the CO2 gas cylinder is open, and whether the pressure of the  

     CO2 gas cylinder is normal (not less than 3Kg);

b. Treatment: If the filter membrane in the incubator is ruptured due to excessive pressure, it may be sufficient to              replace the filter membrane.

c.  Treatment: Intake control solenoid valve failure, check the failure according to the wiring diagram.

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  • What is the purpose of using 5% CO2 in the incubator?

5% CO2 is required to buffer the system to ensure that the normal physiological pH is maintained for optimal cell growth. CO2 reacts with water to form carbonate.

  • What is the effect of too high or too low CO2 concentration in the CO2 shaking incubator on cell growth?

The main function of carbon dioxide in the incubator is to adjust the pH value of the cell culture medium. It uses the stable concentration of carbon dioxide gas to make it in equilibrium with the sodium bicarbonate of the culture medium, so as to achieve a relatively stable pH, which is beneficial to the cells. Grow. Too high or too low carbon dioxide is not conducive to PH adjustment.

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